Story Mode Guide


Story Mode Guide for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

This guide will cover story mode in an easy to follow and mostly spoiler free fashion. Side Quests and other non-story related things will not be covered here. This guide will also not be of much help to you if you are struggling to beat a boss or something. Its up to the player to spend time leveling and adjusting their status and finding good equipment in order to overcome these challenges. If you are really struggling, you can always switch the game to Easy Mode from the Options settings in the Main Menu.

The story is easy to follow and its hard to get stuck in this game so I don’t think this guide is necessary for most players. The information on the True End which is covered later in this post is important though.

Most of the decisions made during conversations appear to be simple differences in responses that have no effect on the overarching story. Feel free to select whichever answers you want. There is a decision that has an impact on the kind of ending that you will get, but I will draw attention to this when it comes up in the story.

At the time of writing, this Story Mode Guide will not be updated to cover the paid DLC story.


Story Quest 1: GGO Newbie

-Clear the in-game Tutorial

Story Quest 2: Ultimate Fiber Gun

-Clear the in-game Tutorial

Story Quest 3: Arfa-Sys Lecture

-Listen to Arfa-sys

Story Quest 4: Kureha’s Lecture




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Meet Kureha in town (Yellow Marker on map in SBC Glocken)
  2. -Follow Kureha around town (Follow the Yellow Markers on map)
  3. -Go to Kirito’s room (Yellow Marker on the map)





Story Quest 5: SBC Glocken




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Talk to Klein, Strea, Phillia, Yuuki, Rain (Yellow Markers inside Lobby area)
  2. -Talk to Sinon & Leafa, then talk to Premia in Town outside the lobby & Argo in Town (All Yellow Markers) [You can use the Fast Travel option in the Pause Menu map to quickly travel around town]
  3. -Talk Itsuki in town (Yellow Marker near the Shop)
  4. -Return to Kirito’s room (Second Option at the Home Base in Town)

After Previous Story Quest:

  1. -After watching the events, leave your room and go into town.
  2. -After event in town, go back to your Home Room.

Story Quest 6: Arfa-Sys Parts:

  1. -Defeat the Area Boss in Remnant Wasteland (This is what I will call the First Area)’s Control Facility. Use the Teleport Gate in town to reach this area. Once in the area, head to the Dungeon (Yellow Marker) on the map.
  2. -Inside the Dungeon, You will need to clear the left & right paths and press the red switches at the end of each of them to open the main door to the Area Boss.
  3. -Once you have done so, head through the main door and fight the area boss. He specializes in close range mauling attacks and will chase you down if you run far away. Use the cover and pillars to trip him up and aim for the head as its his weakpoint.
  4. -After beating the Area Boss and clearing the Dungeon, return to your Home Room in SBC Glocken.
  5. -After returning to your Home Room and seeing the event, go back to Town and speak to Bazalt Joe directly in front of you.





Story Quest 7: Bazalt Joe’s Raid




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Go to the Yellow Marker in the First Area.
  2. -Beat the boss.





Story Quest 8: Bazalt Joe’s Return




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Go to the Yellow Marker in the First Area again.
  2. -Beat the boss again.





Story Quest 9: Searching for Arfa-Sys Parts




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Go to the First Area and head to the Dungeon indicated by the Yellow Marker on the map.
  2. -Make your way through the Dungeon (Its linear) and defeat the floaty and mildly annoying boss at the end. The bosses weakpoint is its “neck”. Its beam attack is particularly strong so make sure you don’t get hit by it.
  3. -Once you have received an Arfa-Sys part, return to your Home Room in SBC Glocken.
  4. -Once you have seen the parts events, leave your Home Room and return to Town.
  5. -In Town, look for the Yellow Speech Bubble near your Home Base.
  6. -The event takes you into some strangers house, talk to the stranger (Yellow Speech Bubble) directly in front of you.
  7. -After talking to the Stranger, Return to town.
  8. -After seeing the events, talk to Zeliska in Town (Yellow Marker)





Story Quest 10: Deserted Land Covered in Sand




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Head to the Dungeon in the North-Western part of the First Area indicated by the Yellow Marker on the map.
  2. -The Dungeon is the longest and hardest Dungeon in the First Area. There is single branch in it. When you come to the branching point (The First room with many multi-level platforms), the right section on the map leads to an optional NM Spider bot while the left section will lead you to the rest of the dungeon.
  3. -Proceed through the dungeon (Its linear after the branch) but be careful as its riddled with Snipers, Shotgun dudes and new automata that are fairly annoying.
  4. -In the final room of this dungeon, you will find a teleporter that will take you to the Field Boss Area. Enter the area and defeat the boss. Its weakpoint is its ‘red eyes’ underneath its top turret.
  5. -Once you have defeated the Field Boss, leave the Boss Room and you will be in what I will call the Second Area, the Deserted Land of Sand.
  6. -You’re free to explore this new area if you want, but if you want to advance the story go back to town.
  7. -Once you are back in town, head to the Yellow Marker and talk to Zeliska.





Story Quest 11:  Old South




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Head to the Teleporter indicated by the Yellow Marker on the map in the Second Area. Going into the teleporter will take you into a Dungeon.
  2. -Make your way through the Dungeon. Its linear-ish until you get to a huge wall/elevated platform you’ll need to use the UFG to get over. Near this wall, there is also a small door to the right that leads to the rest of the dungeon where the Story Mode Target is. On top of the wall is an optional battle with an NM kid with Photon Sword. If you kill the kid there are two treasure boxes in the room ahead as well as a teleporter that takes you on to the path to clear the rest of the dungeon.
  3. -Continue through the rest of the Dungeon until you reach a teleporter. There are no more branches beyond this point.
  4. -Go through the teleporter and prepare yourself to dodge traps that appear on the floor as white circles until you reach another teleporter.
  5. -Going through this teleporter will take you to the last stretch of this dungeon where you have to push through straight ahead until you reach the final Teleporter. Going through this final Teleporter will take you to the Boss Area.
  6. -The Boss is the Eyeball in the back with several minions running around. You need to kill the minions in order to have a chance to deal damage to the Eyeball. Once the minions have been killed and the Eyeball activates, it will do an attack before summoning more minions and going invulnerable again.
  7. -During the time that the Eyeball opens is your chance to deal damage but you must be careful because its attack while its eye is open is rather strong. Once it summons the minions and closes it’s main eye, you must kill the minions again and repeat this process until it dies.
  8. -Be careful though, if you run too close to the Eyeball to deal damage when its vulnerable, the minions will end up spawning behind you which may lead to your team getting wiped out. Its recommended that you back off as soon as you see the Eyeball start closing and going invulnerable again.
  9. -Once you have defeated the boss, leave the Boss Area and follow the path leading to the Old South.
  10. -You have now come to the Old South which I will call the Third Area.
  11. -You are free to explore this area, but to advance the story you need to return to you Home Room in SBC Glocken.





Story Quest 12: Arfa-Sys Part Collection [Part 1]




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -After watching the event in you Home Room, go into Town and find Argo at the Yellow Marker.
  2. -After talking to Argo, you are to go back to the Second Area (Desolated Sand Land). There are two Yellow Markers indicating two targets that need to be killed in order to advance the story.  One is in a worm-hole in the middle of the area while the other is in the dungeon to the south of the area.
  3. -You can tackle the targets in whichever order you like but this guide will go to the Worm-hole in the middle of the map first.
  4. -Once you are at the Yellow Marker in the middle of the map of the Second Area, kill the NM “Overgrown Serpent” in the center of the quarry like opening. You have to kill the NM worm and all of its babies in order to clear this part of the Story Quest.
  5. -Once you have killed the worm family and cleared the objective, head south to the Lighthouse Dungeon indicated by the Yellow Marker on the map.
  6. -Once inside the Dungeon, make your way through it. You will come to a long and narrow hallway with three doors – two on either side of the walls and one straight ahead. The door on the left takes you into a small room with  treasure box. The door on the right takes you through a long optional path that leads to a treasure box.
  7. -The door straight through the long hallway takes you into a warehouse-like area that’s full of enemies. Once you have cleared the room, you need to open the northern door. But to do so, you first have to clear the eastern path that branches out from the warehouse.
  8. -There is a western path also branching out from the warehouse. It is a shallow path that leads to a treasure box. Once you have collected this, proceed down the eastern path that branches out from the warehouse.
  9. -There will be another branch in this path. Right leads you to an optional item needed for a fetch quest and the left path leads you to a panel that you will need to press in order to release the lock on the northern door in the warehouse.
  10. -Once you have pressed the panel at the end of the path, return to the warehouse and the way through the Northern door will be opened.
  11. -Through the Northern Door in the warehouse is another big door that leads to a boss fight.
  12. -The boss is floaty and slightly annoying and makes minions but you only need to focus on the main body. Its “neck” is its weakpoint so aim for that and end the fight quickly. Once the boss goes down its minions will die as well.
  13. -Once you have beat the boss, proceed through the door that has just unlocked and exit the dungeon.





Story Quest 12: Arfa-Sys Part Collection [Part 2]




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Now you are to head to the Third Area, Old South and enter the dungeon indicated by the Yellow Marker.
  2. -Once you enter the Dungeon, press the switch on the right in front of you and then proceed through the door.
  3. -There is a really strong boss in the room ahead. But the goal of this areas is to trigger the 9 Switches and open up the door to the goal treasure box. The boss is optional so its up to you whether you want to fight him but if you decide to ignore him, understand that he will still be flapping around while you search for the 9 Switches.
  4. -Refer to the image below for the 9 switch locations. (Beware that you can’t pause the game to look at the map so be sure to study this image thoroughly if you are planning on not fighting the boss)

  1. -Once you have pushed all 9 Switches, a cutscene will show a door opening. The goal of this area is through that door.
  2. -Once you have collected the treasure box through the newly opened door and have watched the events, return to town.





Story Quest 13: Forest of Oblivion [Part 1]




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -After watching the surprise event upon entering town, two Yellow Markers will appear in the Third Area, Old South. You are to kill the bosses at these two locations and weaken the seal to where Old South’s field boss is. Like the time with the previous area, one boss is in the field while the other is in a Dungeon.
  2. -This guide will go to the boss in the field first, so out of the two Yellow Markers in the Third Area, go to the uppermost one first. The target is Mjolnir, a flying Mech.
  3. -Mjolnir is a formidable opponent as he has really strong long ranged attacks and a lethal diving attack. Since he flies, he can’t be hit by Sword so make sure to equip ranged weapons and bring partners that don’t use Swords. His Weakpoint is his head and the fight gets harder as it continues (he starts making up new attacks after a while). If you are struggling, I would suggest leveling in the fields, switching to easy mode or changing your equipment (I beat him with Rank 1 Sniper + Rank 1 Assault rifle and I was Lv36)
  4. -After you have defeated Mjolnir, go to the dungeon on the map indicated by the remaining Yellow Marker.
  5. -Inside the dungeon, there is only a teleporter directly in front of you. Head through it.
  6. -This dungeon is a maze of teleporters and its very easy to get spun around and lose track of where you’re going. It would be confusing to give directions via words so refer to the image below:

In the image, teleporters marked by the same letter are the points in between which they travel. Example, A goes to A, B goes to B etc.

  1. -The map above is a bit intimidating but let’s calm down and make it through. First you will enter the dungeon with Teleporter A in front of you. Once you enter it, go to Teleporter B for a treasure box then return through B since the path is a dead end.
  2. -Now go through Teleporter C. Then proceed to Teleporter F.
  3. -In this room, there is a switch mid-way through the room that you need to press before continuing through Teleporter G.
  4. -If you go through Teleporter H, it will take you to an optional NM Boss (A strong mounted turret). The path to the optional boss is linear so if you do go to fight it, you can go back through the same teleporters you came through.
  5. -Now proceed through Teleporter J. Going through Teleporter K will take you to another optional NM Boss (floating gem thingy). This teleporter K takes you straight to that respective boss room so once you finish up there you can go back the way you came.
  6. -Go through Teleporter L and then through Teleporter M to go to the Area Boss room. Once you are ready go inside and fight the boss.
  7. -The boss is a spider-type with the “eyes” below its top turret its weakpoint. It has a strong beam attack so be careful.
  8. -Once you have defeated the boss, a cutscene will show a door opening. Go through it and exit the dungeon .





Story Quest 13: Forest of Oblivion [Part 2]




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Once you are back in the field of the Third Area, there will be a Yellow Marker indicating a dungeon to the South of the map which is the next destination. Head over there and enter the dungeon.
  2. **Note: Once you clear this dungeon, you will be locked from changing your party members. (You will be stuck with Arfa-Sys, Kirito & Kureha) This will remain until you advance the story to another key point.
  3. -Make your way through the dungeon. Its linear with shallow optional one-room paths that have treasure chests so its easy to navigate.
  4. -Once you have made your way through the dungeon, you will find a teleporter. This teleporter is one of the branches in a path with the other way taking you to a room with an optional NM boss. When you are ready go through the teleporter to the boss room.
  5. -The is what looks like… the bottom half of a T-Rex. It specialized in rushing attacks and AoE fire beams with its tail. Its quite strong if you let it attack you but its recommended you take cover behind the pillars on the sides of the room. When the boss changes you, run between the pillar and the wall to the other side of the pillar. It will have to go around because its too big to fit through the gap between the wall and the pillar.
  6. -Its weakpoint is the green eye between its two horns. Aim for that and keep an eye on your HP.
  7. -Once the boss has been defeated, you will get a cutscene of a door opening. Proceed through the door and you will end up in the Forest of Oblivion (This is what I will call the Fourth Area).
  8. -Once in the forest, someone will trap you in an event and make you go back to town.





Story Quest 14: Gate Keeper




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -After  watching the events, a Yellow Marker will appear in the newly opened Fourth Area (Forest of Oblivion). This is the next destination. Also as stated before, you will be locked to Arfa-sys, Kirito & Kureha as party members.
  2. -Once you reach the Yellow Marker on the map and have watched the events, you will be ambushed by a really big boss. You don’t have to kill it though, once you get its HP down to a certain threshold, an event will occur.
  3. -After seeing the events, go into Town and wander around a little bit to trigger another event.
  4. -After seeing the event, head to the Yellow Marker in town near the shop for more events.
  5. -After seeing the event near the shop, head for the Yellow Marker near the top of the map in Town for yet more events.

**Now, the lock on Party Members will be changed to Arfa-Sys only. You will have to fight a boss with only you and your Arfa-Sys so make sure you take the time to equip her with Weapons and Skills and set her AI to complement your playstyle.

  1. -After all the events, head to the Fourth Area (Forest) and once more head for the Yellow Marker. You will once again be ambushed by the boss from earlier but now it will be a beatable version.
  2. -This boss is slow with limited ranged attacks so keep your distance and watch his legs for attacks. His weakpoint is the glowing blue circle on his back. If you are struggling, you should turn your Arfa-Sys into a healer by giving her healing skills and using the “Focus on Healing” command available from the in-game touch-pad communication menu.
  3. -Once you have defeated the boss, more events will occur.
  4. -After watching the consecutive events, return to Kirito’s room.





Story Quest 15: Squadron




Show/Hide Tasks

**The lock on party members has been lifted.

  1. -After seeing the events, there will be a Yellow Marker on Kureha in Kirito’s Room. Talking to Kureha and accepting the challenge will lead to a Solo PvP Battle with 4 really strong GGO players. Make sure you’re ready.
  2. -Since you are Solo, you will have to handle your own healing. Don’t be greedy and prioritize your survival over dealing damage. Move to the middle platform and take cover behind the Boxes. Watch out for being rushed by the close range PvP players.
  3. -Because it would be unfair, these PvP players don’t heal each other (or at least they didn’t for me) so if you kill one they will stay dead. Target the close range ones first so you can get some breathing room and then take out the others.
  4. -After the battle, you will be sucked into some events.
  5. -After events, head into Town only to be hit with more events.
  6. After the events in town, go back to Kirito’s Room and talk to Kirito.

**The long awaited Gun+Sword will unlock now. You will also get a Sword/Gun+Sword Skill that will allow you to deflect incoming bullets. To use Gun+Sword, equip a Sword and press Triangle while its equipped.

After Previous Story Quest

  1. -After the events, go back to Town and go talk to Sinon marked by a Yellow Speech Bubble near the teleporter to the south of the map. This event will trigger a battle against a boss you’ve fought before with Sinon as your only partner.
  2. -After Defeating the boss and watching the events, a Yellow Marker will appear on a certain dungeon the Fourth Area (Forest). That’s the next target destination.
  3. -Inside the dungeon, there will be a Yellow Marker directly ahead. This will trigger an event.





Story Quest 16: Homecoming [Part 1]




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Make your way through the dungeon. Its linear so its hard to get lost or spun around. You will come to a room with blue stairs. When you proceed up these stairs you will enter an event.
  2. -Once the event is over and you defeat the boss in front of you, go back through the teleporter for another event. Once you have watched this event, descend down one flight of the blue stairs and approach the red door behind you and it will turn green.
  3. -Proceed through the door and along the straightforward path. Continue though the dungeon. You will come to a room with floating gem turrets and a big mounted turret in the middle. Once you have killed everything in the room, a cutscene will show a door opening.
  4. -Once you head through the door, there is a branch. To you right is a small room with a checkpoint and the left will will trigger an event (Yellow Speech Bubble). This event will take you back to town so its highly recommended that you head to the checkpoint first so you have an easy way to teleport back into the dungeon.
  5. -Once you have activated the checkpoint, head for the event.
  6. -After watching the events, head into Town and visit Argo at the Yellow Marker.
  7. -After speaking to Argo, there will now be two new objectives added. One in the Second Area (Desolate Sand Lands) and the other in the Third Area (Old South). You are free to pick the order in which you’d like to complete the objectives, but this guide will go to the Yellow Marker in the Second Area (Desolate Sand Lands) first.
  8. -Head to the Dungeon indicated by the Yellow Marker in the Second Area.
  9. -Once inside the dungeon, make your way through it. This one is linear without many branches so it shouldn’t be too hard to navigate.
  10. -You will eventually come to a gap in your path that seems like the end of the dungeon. Use the UFG to get to the other side of the gap.
  11. -Along your path you will pass a red door and end up in a dead-end room. In the dead-end room there is a floating red ball. Shoot your UFG at the red ball and it will change color to green. Now the red door that you passed on your way here should be open. Go through the newly unlocked door and continue your path along the dungeon.
  12. -After proceeding for a while you will come to an opening with a checkpoint and a teleporter. The teleporter will take you to a familiar boss.
  13. -Like last time, this Eyeball boss can’t be damaged while his minions are alive. You are to kill his minions and then deal damage to his Eye when it opens. After doing an attack, the eye will close again and summon more minions. you are to kill the minions again and repeat this process until the main Eyeball is dead.
  14. -After you have defeated the boss, the Yellow Marker in the Third Area (Old South) is the next destination.





Story Quest 16: Homecoming [Part 2]




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Head to the dungeon indicated by the Yellow Marker in the Third Area (Old South).
  2. -Once inside the Dungeon, proceed along the path. Its narrow and linear with a few larger areas for firefights. Once you reach a Red teleporter that doesn’t work, you will need to enter the small room near the teleporter. Inside the room, there is a floating red ball on the second floor you will need to use your UFG on.
  3. -Once the teleporter has been activated, head inside and be greeted by a small room with a giant robot and a Swordmaster.
  4. -Once you have dealt with the welcoming party, continue through the Dungeon.
  5. -Inside the room ahead, there is a red door with a red ball near it that you need to use your UFG on. Do so and continue through the dungeon.
  6. -In the next room, there is another red door. The Red ball is through the door to the left of the red door. Make your way there and use your UFG on it and then proceed through the red door which has now become unlocked.
  7. -Proceed through the dungeon’s narrow corridors.
  8. -Once again you will come to a red door with the red ball of unlocking right next to it.
  9. -Keep going through the dungeon and you will descend stairs two floors. Kill the door guardian and keep going and you will finally come to the final teleporter of the dungeon that takes you to the boss room. Be sure to press the checkpoint before heading inside.
  10. -The boss inside here is especially annoying. Its a huge mech with missiles and jumping/stomping attacks that hit really hard. He is especially annoying because his weakpoint is a tiny red-ish/purple-ish light around his throat area that only comes out when hes angry (Rage Mode). Be especially careful of his walking missile attack (When two red lines appear out of his shoulders, it means this attack is coming). This fight also takes place in a really confined room so often times you can’t make enough space between you and the boss to target his weakpoint because its so high up.
  11. -The sword works surprisingly well on this boss as all of his rocket based attacks can’t hit the area around hit feet. But you will need to watch for his jumping attacks as thise can deal serious damage if you are caught mid combo. Its also recommended that you bring Healer teammates (Asuna, Silica, Premia) and set the to “Focus on Heal” with the touch pad’s communication menu.
  12. -Once you have defeated the boss, an event will occur.
  13. -Go back to town and investigate the Yellow Speech Bubble near the shop.
  14. -After watching the events, return to your Home Room.





Story Quest 17: Bazalt Joe’s 決着




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Talk to Kureha in your room and say you’re ready for the battle. This will be a one on one dual with someone you’ve fought before. Just use the Sword and the “Sword Barrier” skill you’ve learned from Kirito to free him up. The fight isn’t hard.
  2. -After the battle, there will be some events.
  3. -After watching the events, go talk to Kirito in Kirito’s Room.

**Dual Arms will now be unlocked. You can Dual Wield Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles and Some Rocket Launchers. The Dual Wield works the same way as the Gun+Sword activation – press Triangle on an already equipped item. However take note that you will need two times the status requirements to Dual Wield a given weapon. 





After The Previous Story Quest




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Inside Kirito’s room, talk to Kureha, Zeliska and Itsuki. Itsuki will relocate to Town so you will need to find him at the Yellow Speech Bubble near the top of the map to talk to him again. Once you have spoken to Itsuki, return to Kirito’s Room and speak to Kirito.
  2. -After the events, go talk to Kureha at the Yellow Marker in town. Shes halfway to the top of the map on that super out-of-the-way platform.
  3. -Next, go talk to Zeliska at the Yellow Speech Bubble in Town. She’s standing where Itsuki was earlier.
  4. -After the events, return to your Home Room.





Story Quest 18: SBC Flugel




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Head to the dungeon indicated by the Yellow Marker on the Map in the Fourth Area (Forest of Oblivion).
  2. -Make your way through the dungeon. Its linear up until you come to a yellow walkway with branching staircases that lead to two doors. The door on the left is a short path that leads to a switch that’s needed to open the Final Door later in the dungeon. Its recommended that you go on the left path first.
  3. -After hitting the switch, proceed along the right path.
  4. -Continue through the dungeon quite far until you come to an opening with lots of Flying Gem Enemies. After you kill the flying gems, the next room will have a branch. Here, the door ahead is locked and you will be forced to take the left path.
  5. -In the next room, will be lots of yellow walkways along with many enemies. Once you kill them all, investigate the three treasure boxes in the room. Each of them have traps in front of them. Do not evade the trap as it teleports you to an area only accessible through the trap.
  6. -Inside the trap room, you will be ambushed. Once you survive the ambush, the door will be opened leading to the other switch needed to open the final door of this dungeon.
  7. -Once you hit the switch, exit the room and go back into the area where the trapped treasure chests where. From here you need to make your way through the area to the next room where the Final Door of this dungeon is.
  8. -The Final Door will unlock containing a teleporter that will take you to the Area Boss room. Make sure you’re prepared.
  9. -Inside the boss room is an Armored version of the same boss with the 9 Switches in that other Dungeon. This time he’s Lv70 and even more of a handful than usual. This fight is particularly hard so make sure you spend time leveling before challenging this boss.
  10. -His horns are his weakpoint and he is a lot faster than he appears so pick your weapons carefully. Make sure you can move around fast enough when its time to dodge an attack. Be careful not to dodge backwards as move of his attacks cover wide ranges in front of him. Rather dodge to the left or to the right but if you have the timing you can score a roll right though his legs on most of his attacks consistently (Won’t work on his Zig-zag jumping attack though)
  11. -I think the developers knew that this boss would body players so when he loses one life-bar, the doors to a second compartment of the boss area will open. Running through them will be a more spacious area with a ramp in the middle that can be used to trick this boss.
  12. -Unfortunately, when his HP drops below one bar he will unlock a new attack: Summon Friends/ Family/ Harem Entourage. This means that the fight will get even harder because he summons tough mobs that are like younger versions of himself. He only summons one mob at a time, but if you don’t kill the mob, be aware that he can do this attack again and summon more which makes the whole fight even harder.
  13. -To trick this boss, Stand at the top of the ramp (The most eastern point on the ramp) in the Second Compartment of the boss area and then wait for him to attack you. When he rushes you, fall off the ramp and he will follow. When this happens, use your UFG to get right back on top of the ramp. Doing so will make him run in a huge circle to get back to you to attack you again and sometimes he will get distracted halfway and attack one of your teammates. That will be your opportunity to put up damage.
  14. -Continue playing this ramp game with him in this area until he dies. If your teammates get wiped out, you need to be really careful about jumping off the ramp.
  15. -When he is down to one life-bar, another door will open to a bigger area with pillars on the sides of the walls. You may decide to relocate to there if the ramp game doesn’t interest you but I would recommend playing the ramp game with him until he dies.
  16. -Once the boss dies, there will be an event.
  17. -After the event ends, head to the door that just unlocked all the way in the final compartment of the boss room. Inside the room is a teleporter that will allow you to leave the dungeon.





After The Previous Story Quest:




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -Now, you are to head back into the SBC Flugel Dungeon marked by a Yellow Marker in the Fourth Area (Forest). Its recommended that you teleport directly into the dungeon via the deepest checkpoint since we were forced to leave the last time. Its a pain to go through this dungeon again unless you want the Experience and stuff.
  2. -Once inside the dungeon, proceed straight to the door that was locked and we couldn’t get though last time. Through the door is a boss fight with a flying mech. This one is slightly easier than the previous boss but its still pretty hard. It’s head is its weakpoint so aim for that and watch for its long range beam attacks.
  3. -Once you have defeated the boss, continue through the newly opened Door to a teleporter. Once you have gone through the teleporter head through another teleporter directly in front of you.
  4. -Proceeding through the dungeon you will come to a thin corridor with three doors. The door straight ahead will be locked while the two on either sides will be open. The locked door ahead leads to a room filled with enemies and a traasure chest for an optional Sub Quest. To open the locked door, you need to head through the door on the left and find the switch behind a lot of enemies. Once you have pressed the switch you may enter the locked door, clear the room  and collect the item.
  5. -Once you are done with this, you will need to return to the thin corridor and enter the other door to continue exploring the dungeon.
  6. -After a little while you will come to a small opening that has a branch in it. The right path will lead you to an optional fight with a Gun+Sword humaniod and another treasure box for a Sub-Quest, while the left path will lead you to the rest of the dungeon.
  7. -Continue along the thin corridors, fighting for your life. A Gatling Gun humanoid will appear so be careful.
  8. -Eventually you will come to a circular opening with three doors leading to different pathways. The door on the left (West) will be locked and the other two doors contain teleporters.
  9. -The Eastern door teleporter will take you to an area with a Floating Gem that you need to kill. Once youi have killed the Gem, the room will appear as if its a dead end, you but need to climb up high to be able to enter the door leading to yet another Sub Quest treasure box. To do so, first look for the small ledge to your left from where you entered the room. Use the UFG to get on that ledge and then use your UFG to get to the door high up on the wall that’s opposite to the door you used to enter the room.
  10. -Once you have collected the item, go back to the circular opening.
  11. -Enter the North door first and jump in the teleporter. Kill the enemy at the end of the short path and another teleporter will activate. This will take you to a switch that needs to be pressed in order to open the Western door in the circular opening.
  12. -Proceed through the Western door that is now unlocked and continue through the thin corridors fighting another Gatling Gun humanoid, a Rocket humanoid and some guy that doesn’t even fit in the stage.
  13. -Once you have made your way through, there will be a teleporter that will lead you to the boss room. Don’t worry, there will be a Checkpoint before the boss that you can use to leave the Dungeon and retain your progress.
  14. -When you are ready, go through the teleporter and investigate the big door indicated by the Yellow Marker.





Story Quest 19: Mother




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  1. -After watching the events, proceed along the walkway to the boss area.
  2. -The boss himself is pretty free. He is big and slow with telegraphed attacks. Just make sure to beware of his beams and stomps and you’ll be okay. His weakpoint is the blue-ish circle on his upper back. Slip behind him and unload on it until he goes down but keep an eye on your team’s HP. If you let your guard down you can get wiped out easily.
  3. -Once you have defeated the boss, investigate the console at the north point of the room indicated by the Yellow Marker.

**You will now receive the Hyper Sense Skill. This is a skill that allows you to completely disregard the damage of one incoming attack.

  1. -After all the events, you are to go and see the sulking person at the Yellow Marker on the map in town. They’re on that unnecessarily-out-of-the-way platform. Go talk to them.
  2. -After the series of events, go to the Yellow Speech Bubble in Town.
  3. -After the event in town, go back to your Home Room. You will be sucked into a Duel with Someone.

Story Quest 20: Someone

  1. -Beat Someone in a Duel. (Losing here doesn’t change the story even though it seems like it might)
  2. -After the long series of events, head to Kirito’s Room.

**Kirito Mode, a Story where you play as Kiibo himself has now unlocked. Its accessible through the “Game Start” menu in the Title Screen.

  1. -After seeing the events, head to Itsuki’s Squadron.
  2. -Next, return to your Home Room and talk to your Arfa-sys.





Story Quest 21: Decision




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  1. -Head to the Yellow Marker on the map in town. The Dungeon is up the stairs just outside the door to your Home Room.
  2. -Inside the dungeon, proceed through it. The first branch will be a very shallow path that leads to a teleporter. This goes to a series of yellow walkways where the goal is an optional item needed for a Sub Quest. The treasure box is located on an elevated platform that you need to use the UFG to reach. After you collect this item, head through the teleporter to return back to the main dungeon.
  3. -Continue proceeding forward in the dungeon. The rest of the dungeon is linear with the only branches being near the end of the dungeon. These branches are red doors so your path will be funneled either way. Near the end of the dungeon, you will come to a huge room for a boss fight.
  4. -After you have defeated the boss, return to your Home Room.

**Beyond this point, the mysteries behind Kirito Mode will be revealed. The game recommends you to play Kirito Mode first before proceeding. If you want to play Kirito Mode, refer to the Kirito Mode Guide in this post.

  1. -When you are ready, talk to your Arfa-Sys.
  2. -Its time to make the only and most important Decision in the game. This decision will affect the ending so make sure you chose carefully. Since I’m trying to keep this spoiler free, I’m not going to say anything about what the decisions are.





Story Quest 22: The End of All**




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  1. -After events, proceed forward to the Yellow Speech Bubble on the map for more events.
  2. -When you enter the circle in the middle of the area, you will be teleported to a boss.
  3. -This boss uses beam attacks and minions to fight. If he summons multiple sentry turrets things can get a bit out of hand so I’d recommend bringing a Sniper Rifle and taking them out quickly. His weakpoint is the green ball on his chest. Its worth noting that the Sword is next to useless in this Fight.
  4. -Once you get him down to half HP, an event will occur.
  5. -Defeat the boss.
  6. -After the boss is defeated, there will be a long stream of events.




After you clear the game, it will ask you if you would like to rewind the Story. Doing so will take you back to just after the SBC Flugel Story Quest. From there, you will need to go to the Deepest Boss Room in the second layer of the SBC Flugel Dungeon to progress the story. you can teleport directly to the boss to advance the story.

But that’s it. The Normal End depending on the decision you made.





~True End Information~

Note: This section may contain spoilers.




Show/Hide True End Information

To unlock the True End, you need to Max Affection on all friends (Rank 4 Max) and then watch every side event (Green Speech Bubble on map) in both the Main Story & Kirito Mode. Once you have done all this, return to your Home Room and a cutscene will trigger. This will allow you to obtain a key item that changes the ending.

When you have the key item, you can follow this guide again from SBC Flugel Story Quest (Or wherever you are in the story). You may skip directly to the checkpoint before the boss rooms in all areas to advance the story quickly. Note that the progress of the story will not change. You still have to make the Decision but you can reach the True End from either decision. The way you will know you’re on the True End Path is that the final Story Quest name will change from “The End of All” to “Fatal Bullet”.

The item that you obtain will allow you to stop the Final Boss’ attack that causes the Normal Ending route. Remember that he starts charging up his Dark Ball attack when he reaches half life. When he starts charging up the dark ball, aim for his mouth and stop the attack at all costs. I’d recommend taking a sniper rifle and standing in front of him while he charges it. Before you had the True End item, this was impossible, but now you can stop his attack and kill him normally instead of having to repeat the fight from the beginning after a cutscene.

If you fail to stop his attack and the Normal End route cutscene triggers, close the game and restart it. The autosave right before the decision will allows you to retry the boss.

After you successfully stop the attack, he won’t do it again he until he dies. After he dies you will be on the True Ending path.

After some events you will have to fight an even stronger version of the same boss. If you die here, you will have to repeat the first fight again so be careful. This time, you won’t have to worry about its Dark Ball attack and you can fight it normally. After the fight, there will be events that show the True Ending.

If you are playing Extreme Mode you can also earn the Extreme Mode Clear Trophy (There’s no need to start a whole new game for this)

That’s it. True End. Congratulations.


**Note: After the SBC Flugel Quest is the perfect time to stop and work on affection. Beyond this point, certain teammates become unavailable therefore their affection cannot be increased.







After really late in the story mode, Kirito Mode becomes available through Game Start > Kirito Mode from the Title Screen. In Kirito Mode, you play through a side story as Kiriko. You are free to wander the world freely and all equipment and credits earned will be carried over to your main character. However, you cannot change Kiriko’s status parameters/ weapons or play online.

Kirito Mode Quest: Bullet of Bullets




Show/Hide Tasks
  1. -In control of Kiriko, head to the Yellow Speech Bubble on the map in the Lobby Area of SBC Glocken.
  2. -After the events, head to the teleporter in the Lobby Area indicated by the Yellow Marker. This will start your first duel. Find the player hiding near the horizontal borders of the map and kill em. After you clear the duel, events will ensue.
  3. -After the event, go back into the Lobby Teleporter to start your next match. Find the player hiding in the area directly in front of where you start this one is easier to find. After killing them, events will happen.
  4. -After the events, slide over to the Lobby Teleporter for you third match. This will be the final match and no hiding is involved.

**You will now unlock the Phantom Bullet & Meta Material Camouflage Skills as well as the Gun+Sword Weapon Arts.