BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

A Collection of Videos that I have made for BBTAG.

Note: There are combo notations as well as other kinds of important information written in the respective video’s description on YouTube.


Yu Narukami Guide [Combos, Blockstrings, Safejumps, Punishes]

Hyde Kido Guide [Combos, Blockstrings, Safejumps, Punishes]


Yu & Hyde Combos

Combo Notations
0:02 Yu (midscreen 1)
5AAA 214B 5P 5BB 5AAA 236BC
0:14 Hyde (midscreen 1)
5BB 2C 236B 236B 6P 5BBB 214BC
0:27 Yu (midscreen grab)
Grab 5A jABC 5P run 2B jAAC
0:38 Hyde (midscreen grab)
Grab 5BBB 236B 236B 6P 2C 5B 2B super jump jAB 214BBB
0:39 Yu (midscreen 2)
5P jC microdash 5BB 5AAA 214CC ~ 4P 214BC
1:01 Yu (midscreen 3)
5P jC microdash 214BC 2B jAA jABC 4P 214BC
1:17 Hyde (midscreen 2)
5B 2C 2B jBC 4P run 5B 2B super jump jAA jBC AD
1:27 Hyde (midscreen 3)
5B 2C 2B jB jBC[6] ~ jC j214BBB 6P run 236BC
1:39 Hyde (midscreen, sexy switch combo)
5B 2C 2B jB jBC[6] ~ jC 214BBB 6P run 214C D = run carefully 214BC ~ P
1:58 Yu (fullscreen, ‘why does this work’)
236BC P = 5AAA 2B super jump jAA jAA 214C
2:11 Yu (corner grab)
Grab 214BC 2B 5P run 2B super jump jABC
2:22 Hyde (corner)
2C ~ 2B 5BBB 5A 5BBB 5A 5BBB 214BBB 6P 236BC
2:37 Yu (corner, high damage)
5P jC 5BB 5AAA jABC 4P 214C D 214BC ~ P
2:54 Hyde (corner, high-ish damage)
5P jC 5B 2B super jump jB jBC[6] ~ jC[6] ~ jC ~ j214BBB 6P 214BC
3:09 Hyde (corner, Cross Combo)
5P jC 5BBB DP (5A during activation) 214BBB[6] jC D 236BC ~ P
3:28 Yu (corner, Cross Combo)
5P jC 5BB DP 6AAA 3B jC(press 5C again) 214C D 214BC ~ P

Linne & Rachel Combos

Combo Notations
0:03 Linne (midscreen 1)
5BBB 4A 2C 214B 5P run 5BBB 4AAAA* 236BC
*be careful of the side swap here.
0:18 Rachel (midscreen 1)
5AA 5BBB[6] microdash 5A jAAB jAAC 2C 236A 4P 214BC
0:35 Linne (midscreen 2)
2B 2C 5B ~ jAAB microdash 5BB super jump jAAB jABC 5P run 5BB 214BC
0:48 Linne (midscreen 3)
2B 2C 5A 5BB 214B 4A 2C 5BBB 214B 5P jC
0:57 Linne (midscreen grab)
Grab 2C 5B ~ jAAB 5BB 214B 4A 2C AD
1:08 Linne (midscreen 4)
2B 2C 5A 5BBB j236A 2C 5BBB 214B 6P run 5BB 214BC ~ P
1:25 Rachel (midscreen 2)
5AA 5BBB[6] microdash 5AAAA 5P microdash 2B 2C[3]
1:35 Rachel (midscreen ioh)
j[2]AA 5BB 2B ~ 5P run 5AA jAAB jAAC 2C 236A
1:46 Rachel (midscreen grab)
5BB 2B ~ 5P run 5BB 236B[8] microdash 5A super jump jAAB j236A
1:56 Rachel (midscreen 3)
5AA 5BB 2C 236A[8] microdash 5AA jAAB jAAC j214A jC 2C 236A 5P oki
2:11 Linne (corner 1)
5BBB 4A 2C 236C dash cancel 5AAA 5BBB 214B 5P jC
2:20 Linne (corner 2, TK Kuuga Loop 1)
2C 5A 5BBB j236A 2B 5BBB j236A 2B 5BBB j236A 2C 236BC
2:35 Linne (corner 3, TK Kuuga Loop 2)
5B 2C j236A 5B 2C j236A 5BBB 214B 4P 214BC ~ P
2:51 Rachel (corner 1)
5P jC 5AAA[8]~A 5P 5BBB 236A
3:02 Rachel (corner 2)
5A 5BBB[6] microdash 5A 5BBB 236A[8] 5A jAAB jAAC 2C 236A 4P 236BC
3:14 Rachel (corner 3, Lobelia Loops)
5BB 2B ~ 5P 5BB 236B[9] 2C 236A 2C 236B[9] 2C 236A 2C 214BC ~ P
3:32 Rachel (corner, switch to Linne)
5A 5BBB[6] microdash 5A 5BBB 236A 4P microdash 2B D = 5BBB 214B
3:42 Linne (corner, switch to Rachel)
5BBB 4A 2C 214B 4P D = 5AA jAAB jAAC 2C 236A
3:53 Rachel (corner, high damage switch)
5BBB[6] 214C 5P jC D = 5BBB 4A 2C 236BC ~ P
4:09 Linne (corner Cross Combo)
2C 5BBB 4P run 5BBB DP (5A during activation) run 5BBB 214BC ~ P
4:26 Rachel (corner Cross Combo)
5BB 2C 236A 5P 5BB 236A DP (4A during activation) 5AA 236A 5AA 214BC ~ P

Chie & Azrael Combos

Combo Notations
0:02 Chie (midscreen 1)
5AAA 5B 2C 236Aa 5P run 5BB 236BC
0:14 Azrael (midscreen 1)
5BBB 236BBB (6P on second hit) walk 5AAAA 214BC
0:28 Chie (midscreen grab)
Grab 5BB 236AA 214A 5P 5B 2B super jump jAB jB jAD
0:39 Azrael (midscreen grab)
Grab ~ 2B IAD jAA super jump jAA jAB 5P dash 236BBB
0:48 Chie (midscreen 2)
5AAAA (6P on third string) 236B ~ 5BB 236B
0:56 Chie (midscreen 3)
5B 2C 236AAA ~ 5P run 5B 2B super jump jAABC
1:05 Chie (midscreen 4)
5BB 214BC 5BB 236AA 214A 5P 5BB 236BC
1:15 Chie (midscreen 5)
6AP 2C 214BC(full charge) microdash 5BB 236AAA ~ 5P run 2C 236BC
1:27 Chie (midscreen 6)
6AP 2C 214C 5BB 236AA 214A 5P run 5BB 236BC ~ P
1:40 Azrael (midscreen 2)
5B 2B IAD jAA super jump jAA jAB 5P dash 5BBB 236BC
1:55 Azrael (midscreen 3)
5BBB 236CC [6B*5] 236BBB 2B AD 5A
2:07 Azrael (midscreen 4)
5BBB 214CC jAC ~ 5BBB 236A 5P 236BC
2:18 Azrael (midscreen 5)
dash 5P 214A 5BBB 236BBB(6P on second hit) 236C(full charge) [6B*4] 2B 236BC
2:33 Azrael (midscreen 6)
2CC 5BBB 236BBB(6P on second hit) 236C(full charge) [6B*4] 2B 236BC ~ P
2:49 Chie (corner grab)
Grab 5BB 236B 4P 236B ~ 5BB 214B
2:48 Chie (corner 1)
5BB 236AA 6P 236B 5BB 214B ~ 214BC(optional)
3:08 Chie (corner 2, switch to Az-nyan)
5B 2C 214A 5P 236B D = 236C [6B*5] 236BBB 2B AD
3:19 Azrael (corner grab)
Grab 214B 2B jAA jAB 4P 5AAAA 2B AD
3:30 Azrael (corner 1)
5BBB 236BBB(4P on third hit) 214CC jAAAA jB
3:39 Azrael (corner 2, switch to Chie)
5AAAA 5P 214B D = 5AA 5B 2B jAAB jABC
3:49 Chie (corner 3, switch and DHC)
5BB 236AA 214A 5P 236B D = 5BBB 214BC ~ P
4:05 Azrael (corner 3, switch and DHC)
5BP walk 214A D = 5BB 236AA 214A 5P 5BB 236BC ~ P
4:20 Azrael (cross combo)
5BP 214C(full charge) [6B*5] 5AAAA 5P DP 5A 214BC ~ P
4:40 Chie (cross combo, Touch of Death)
6BP B run 5BB DP (6A on activation) 214BC(full charge) ~ 5AAA 5BB 236BC

Ragna & Nu-13 Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Ragna (midscreen 1)
5AAA 6P 2C 214AA run 5B jAB jABC 236BC
0:15 Nu (midscreen 1)
0:30 Ragna (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab ~ 236A microdash 5AAA jAB jAB j214AA(6P on first hit) 2C AD
0:42 Ragna (midscreen 3, low conversion)
~ 2B 2C 236A 5P run 5AAA super jump jAB jABC 214AA
0:52 Ragna (midscreen 4, high conversation)
~ 214BB microdash 5A 5B super jump jABC 6P AD 214BC
1:05 Ragna (midscreen 5, DP conversation)
6P AD ~ 5AAA ~ 236A microdash 5A 5BBB 6P 2C 214AA 236BC
*since you can’t input assist and DP on the same frame, this combo won’t save you on tight wakeups.
1:20 Ragna (midscreen 6, Blood Scythe hype)
5AA 5B 214C microdash 5AAA ~ 236A 5A 5BBB 6P 2C 214AA 236BC ~ P
1:35 Nu (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 236B 5AAA 5BBBB jBBBB jBBBBC 5P ~ 236A
1:49 Nu (midscreen 3, low conversion)
~ 2C 4P 214A run 5AAA 236BC run 2BBBB jBBBB jBBBBC
2:03 Nu (midscreen 4, high conversion)
~ jC 5P 236B 5AAA 5BBBB jBBBB jBBBBC j214BC
2:16 Nu (midscreen 5, DP conversion)
6P AD run 5AAA 236B 4P 214A 5BBBB jBBBB jBBBB j214BC
*since you can’t input assist and DP on the same frame, this combo won’t save you on tight wakeups.
2:29 Nu (midscreen 6, corner carriage)
5AAA 2C 5P 214C run 5AAA 5BBBB jBBBB jBBBBC j214BC ~ P
2:45 Ragna (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214B~B 5B super jump jAB jAB j214AA 5P 2C 214AA
2:58 Ragna (corner 2)
5AA 5BB(1st hit) 236CC ~ 5AAA ~ 236A 5A 5BBBB 214AA 5P 2C 236B
3:12 Ragna (corner 3, high damage switch)
6AP 2C 236A D = run 5AAA 6P AD 5BBBB jBBBB jBBBB j214BC ~ P
3:27 Ragna (corner 4, DHC)
5AAA 2C 236CCC(6P before second hit) run 5A 5BBBB 214BC ~ P
3:42 Nu (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214A 5AAA 6P AD run 5AA jC
3:53 Nu (corner 2)
5AAA 236C microdash 5AA jAA jAAC 5P 236BC backstep 214B
4:05 Nu (corner 3, high damage switch)
5AAA 2C 236A 5P 214A D = 5BBBB 214BC ~ P
4:20 Nu (corner 4, DHC)
5AAA 236C microdash 5AAA 236A 5P 5BBBB jBBBB jBBBBC j214BC ~ P
4:37 Nu (cross combo)
6AP~A 236C DP (5A on activation) [214A 6A]*3 5BBBB jBBBB j214BC ~ P
4:55 Ragna (cross combo)
6AP-AA 236CCC DP(5A on activation) run 5AAAAA run 6BBB 214BC ~ P
Be careful not to input 6+button when running or the assist will mess up.

Ruby & Orie Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Ruby (midscreen 1)
5AAA 5BBB super jump jAAB jAAB j236B 5P dash 2C 236BC
0:17 Orie (midscreen 1)
5AAA 5BBB 2C 2B jAAB ~ jAACB 2B 214BB 5P run 2C 236BC
0:37 Ruby (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 214C 5AAA 2C 214AB(5P on hit) run 5BB 236B
0:46 Orie (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab run 5BBB 2C 5AAA 214BB 5P run 2C AD
*note that this combo doesn’t work with your back close to the corner. In that case do a backwards throw and use the combo at 3:44
0:56 Ruby (midscreen 3, low confirm)
~ 2C 214ACC(5P on hit) 5BBB super jump jAA jAAC j214C 214B
1:06 Ruby (midscreen 4, high confirm)
~ jC 236C 5P run 2B 5BBB super jump jAA jAA j236B 236A
1:19 Ruby (midscreen 5, crossup confirm)
~ 236BC(5P on hit) microdash 5AAA 5BBB super jump jAAB jAA j236C
1:30 Ruby (midscreen 6, B confirm)
5BBB jAA jAA j214ABA 5P run 5AAA 2C 214BC ~ P
1:47 Orie (midscreen 3, low confirm)
~ 2C 5BBB 2B jAAB jAACB 2B 214BB 5P run 2C 236A
2:00 Orie (midscreen 4, high confim)
~ j214A 5P run 5BBB 2C 2B jAAB ~ jBC~A 5BB 214BC
2:10 Orie (midscreen 5, risky high confirm)
~ j214B 236C 5P run 5BBB 2C 2B jAAB jBC
2:21 Orie (midscreen 6, B confirms)
5BBB 2C 2B jAAB ~ jBC~A 5BBB 2C 214C 5P run 2C 236BC ~ P
2:40 Ruby (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214BA 5BBB jAA j214A 5AAA  2C 214AB 214B+P 236A
2:53 Ruby (corner 2, Gunblast stuff)
5BBB jAA j214ACA 5AAA 236B 5P 2C 236BC
3:06 Ruby (corner 3, switch)
5BBB jAA j214ABA (4P on first hit) D = 5AAA 2C 236B ~ P
3:24 Ruby (corner 4, Execution – painful link)
jC j214A 236C 5AAA 5BBB super jump jAAB j236B 5P 2C 214C ~ P
*The first j214A has to be JUST above the ground for the Execution to connect
3:44 Orie (corner 1, grab)
Grab j214B run 5BBB 2C 2B 236B 5AAA 2C 236B 5P 2C AD
3:56 Orie (corner 2, TK j214C stuff)
2C 5BBB j214C run 5BBB 2C 2B jAB jABC 5P 2C 236BC
4:11 Orie (corner 3, switch)
j214A+P 214B D = 5BBB super jump jAA j214A 5AAA 2C 214AB(5P on hit) 2C 236BC ~ P
4:28 Orie (corner 3, delayed jump attacks stuff)
j214B 5BB jAAB ~ jBC~A 5BBB 5AAA 2B 214BC ~ P
4:45 Orie (Cross Combo)
6B+P BB 2C 2B 236B D+P (5A on activation) [236B 5P]*4 236BC ~ P
5:06 Ruby (Cross Combo)
jC+P 2C 236C 5AAA 2C 5P A+D 2C 214A D+P(5P on activation) run 5AAA 214BC ~ P
5:42 Ragna-kun is tired of being the training dummy.

Kanji & Gordeau Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Kanji (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5AAA 2CC 5P run 5BB 236BC
0:13 Gordeau (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5AAA 5BB 2C 236B 5P 5BB 2C 236BC
0:30 Kanji (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 214A 5BB 236A 5P run 5BB 2B 214BB oki
0:45 Kanji (midscreen 3, low confirm)
~ 2CC 4P run 5AA jAA 4AAA j214AA oki
1:00 Kanji (midscreen 4, risky high confirm)
~ IAD jB 5AAA 2CC 6P 4AA super jump jAAB jAB j214CC oki
1:17 Kanji (midscreen 5, anti-air confirm)
(CH)2B 236B 5AAAA 5P 5BB 214BB oki (5BB ~ 214BC frame trap)
1:43 Gordeau (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 5AAA 5BBB 4P 5BB 236B
1:54 Gordeau (midscreen 3, low confirm)
~ 2C 2B(first hit) jBC 5P run 5BB 2B jAB jABC A+D
2:06 Gordeau (midscreen 4, crossup confirm)
~ IAD 4P jC 5BB 2C 236C 6P run 5BB 2C 236BC
2:23 Gordeau (midscreen 5, far B confirms)
5BB 2C 2B(first hit) jAB 214B+P 5BB 2C 214BC ~ P
2:42 Kanji (corner 1, grab)
Grab 236B 4AAA j236B 5P 4AAA 214BB
2:56 Kanji (corner 2, A route)
5AAA 2CC 5P 236B 4AA 5AAA 236BC
3:08 Kanji (corner 3, B route & switch)
5BB 2CC 6P 2C 214B D = 5BB 2B 214BC ~ P
3:26 Gordeau (corner 1, grab & Mortal Slide loops)
Grab 2B jC 2B(first hit) jC 2B jC 2B(first hit) jC 4P A+D super jump A+D
3:38 Gordeau (corner 2, B route)
5BB 2C 2B 236A 2B jC 2B(first hit) jC 2B 236C 4P 214BC
3:55 Gordeau (corner 3, switch)
6B+P 5B 236B D = 5B(full charge) 236B 4AAA j236B 5P 5B 236BC ~ P
4:15 Gordeau (Cross Combo)
4B+P 236C D+P 4P 236B 4P 236B 4P 214BC ~ P
4:40 Kanji (Cross Combo)
5BB(both full charge) 236A 5P 5BB 236A D+P 5P 5BB 5P 5B 236BC ~ P

Jubei & Hakumen Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Jubei (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5AAA 5BBB 5P 5AA super jump jA jA jB j236B+C
0:13 Hakumen (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5A 5B 2C 236C iad jAA 5A 2B jAA jAAC j214B 4P 5A 2C 236B+C
0:26 Jubei (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 2C 236B 5BB6A(6P on first hit) 5AA 214B
0:36 Hakumen (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 5AA jC j214B 5P iad jAA 5A 5BBB 236B
0:47 Jubei (midscreen 3, low confirm)
5B6A 4P 236B 5AAA super jump jA jAC 236B+C
0:59 Jubei (midscreen 4, high confirm)
5B4A 4P 236B 5AA 236B 5AA 236B 5BBB
1:11 Jubei (midscreen 5, another low confirm)
3C+P 214A 236B 5AA super jump jA jA jB4B (6P on first hit) run 2C 236B+C ~ P
1:27 Hakumen (midscreen 3, low confirm)
2C 236C jAA 5A 5BBB 236B 4P step 5A 2C 236A
1:39 Hakumen (midscreen 4, high confirm)
j214C 2A 5BBB 236B 4P step 5A 2B jAA jAAC j214A
1:50 Hakumen (midscreen 5, TK Tsubaki)
j214B+P 5AAA super jump jAAC jAAC j214B 4P 5A 5BBB 236B+C ~ P
2:07 Jubei (corner 1, grab)
Back Grab 3C+P jC super jump jA jA jB4B
2:17 Jubei (corner 2, Corner carry)
2B j236C 5AA 236B 5AA 236B 5BBB(6P on first hit) j214B
*works from the middle of the screen.
2:29 Jubei (corner 3, back to corner route)
2C jC 6P 236B+C ~ 236B 5AA 5BBB
2:42 Jubei (corner 4, switch)
6B+P BB 236B D 5AAA jABC j214B 4P 5A 2C 236B+C ~ P
2:58 Hakumen (corner 1, grab)
Grab 5A 2C 236A 2A 5A 2A 5A 2A 5BBB 236B 4P 5A 2C 214B
3:11 Hakumen (corner 2, B route)
5BBB 5P 236B+C ~ 5AAA jABC jABC j214B
3:22 Hakumen (corner 3, A route)
5A 2B jABC jABC j214B 4P 5A 2A 5A 5BBB 236B+C
3:36 Hakumen (corner 4, switch)
j214C+P 236B D 5AA 236B 5BBB(6P on first hit) j236B D ~ 5BBB 236B+C ~ P
3:55 Jubei (cross combo)
3C+P 236B D+P 236B 2C 236B+C ~ 2C j236B+C
4:12 Hakumen (cross combo)
5A 2C 236C jABC jABC 214B 4P 5AAA(D+P on first hit) 236B 4P 5A 2C 236B+C ~ P

Weiss & Jin Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Weiss (midscreen 1, basic route)
5AA 5BB 214B 5P 5AA 5BB jBC 236B+C
0:15 Jin (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5AA 5BBB jBB jBC j214B 5P 2C 214B+C
0:30 Weiss (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 214B 4P 236A(charge) 5AA 5B 214A-8C
0:39 Jin (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 236B 5AAAA 5P 5AAA 214BB
0:50 Weiss (midscreen 3, low confirm)
~2B 2C 214C 4P 5AA 5BB jBB jBBC j214A
*Glyph isn’t used, but its presence is part of the mixup.
1:02 Weiss (midscreen 4, shoddy high confirm)
~214A-8A 5P 5AA 5BB jBB jBBC j214B
1:14 Weiss (midscreen 5, B route and trying glyphs)
5BB 2C 214A 5P 236C(charge) 5BB 214B-8C-8B 5AAA 214B+C ~ P
1:31 Jin (Midscreen 3, low confirm)
~2C 214BB 5P 5AAA 214CC 236B+C
1:42 Jin (midscreen 4, high confirm)
~j214B 5P 5BBB jC j236B ~ jAA jAC j214C
1:55 Jin (midscreen 5, B route)
5BBB jC j214B 5P 5BBB super jump jAA jAC j214C j214B+C ~ P
2:10 Weiss (corner 1, grab)
Grab 236B(charge) 5AA 5BB 214B-8B 5P 5BB jC j214B
2:21 Weiss (corner 2, A route)
5AA 2C 214A 5P 236B(charge) 5BB jBBC j214C-8B
2:31 Weiss (corner 3, B route)
5BB 214B-8C 5AA 5BB jBB jBBC 6P 236B+C A+D
*This one needs a preset glyph
2:43 Weiss (corner 4, switch)
5BB 214C 5P 214B D 5BBB jBB jC j214B+C ~ P
2:57 Jin (corner 1, Grab)
Grab 214BB 5P iad jC j236B ~ jC j236B ~ jBC j214B
3:07 Jin (corner 2, A route)
5AAA 214CC 5BBB 2B super jump jBB jBC j214B 5P 2C 214B+C
3:22 Jin (corner 3, B route)
5BBB 236C jC j214B 5B 2B jBB jBC j214B 5P 236B+C
3:34 Jin (corner 4, switch)
5BBB 236C jC j236B ~ D 5B 214B 5P 2C 214B+C ~ P
3:53 Weiss (Cross Combo)
4B+P 5B 214C D+P 5P kind of just mash A from here then 214B+C ~ P
4:13 Jin (Cross Combo) 5B+P jC j214C D+P 5P jC j214A 5P jC j214B D 5BB 214B+C ~ P

Yosuke & Makoto Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Yosuke (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5AA 5BBB 6P 5A 2B jAAA jAA j214B+C
0:19 Makoto (midscreen 1, BnBs)
5AAA 5BBB(Lv2) jAA jAAC 4P 5AAA 5BBB(Lv2) 214B+C(All follow-ups Lv2)
0:38 Yosuke (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 236B-A 4P 5A 2B jAA jAA j236A oki
0:48 Makoto (midscreen 2, grab)
~ Grab 214B ~ jB 5B~B 214AAA 5P 5BBB(Lv2) A+D.A(Lv2)
1:00 Yosuke (midscreen 3, low confirm)
jC 236B-BBB 5P 5A 2B super jump jAA jAA j236A oki
1:13 Yosuke (midscreen 4, high confirm)
j236C 5A 2B super jump jAA jAA j236A 4P 5BB 236B-BBB j236A
1:28 Yosuke (midscreen 5, B route)
5BBB 236C-BBB j236A 4P 2C 236B+C ~ P
1:45 Makoto (midscreen 3, low confirm)
2C 214AAB(Lv1) 5A 5BB 214AAB(Lv1) 5AAA 5BB 214AAA 4P 5BB 214B+C(All follow-ups Lv2)
2:04 Makoto (midscreen 4, high confirm)
jC 5P 5BB 214AAB(Lv1) 5AAA 5BBB(Lv2) 236B+C(Lv2)
2:19 Makoto (midscreen 5, standing unblockable confirm)
236C 5AAA 5BBB(Lv2) jAB jABC 4P 5BBB(Lv2) 214B+C(All follow-ups Lv2) ~ P
2:41 Yosuke (corner 1, grab)
Back Grab 236B-BBB 5P 5AA 5BB 236B-A oki
2:54 Yosuke (corner 2, B route 1)
5BB 5AA 2C 236A 5P iad jB 2B jAA jAA j236A oki
3:05 Yosuke (corner 3, B route 2)
5BBB 236B 5BB 236B-BBB j236A 4P 214B+C
3:21 Yosuke (corner 4, switch)
5BBB 236B 5BB~B 236B 5P j236A D 5BB 214B+C(All follow-ups Lv2) ~ P
3:44 Makoto (corner 1, grab)
Grab 236AA(Lv2) ~ 5A 5B 236AA(Lv2) ~ 5A 5B 236AA(Lv2) ~ 5AAA 5BB 214AAA
3:57 Makoto (corner 2, Shooting Star)
5AAA 236B 5P 5AAA 5BBB(Lv2) jAA jAAC jA+D.A(Lv2)
4:07 Makoto (corner 3, C Lander Blow)
5AAA 214AAC 5AAA 5BB 236B+C+P 5AAA 5BBB(Lv2) 214B+C(All follow-ups Lv2)
4:27 Makoto (corner 4, switch)
5A+P 214AAA D 5AA 5BB~B 236C-BBB j236A 4P 214B+C ~ P
4:48 Yosuke (Cross Combo)
5B+P B 236BA D+P 4P ~ 2C 236A D 5AAA 214B+C.A.A ~ P
5:11 Makoto (Cross Combo)
5A+P 236B D+P 5P [236B 5P]x3 214B+C.A.A ~ P

Carmine & Hazama Combos

Combo Notations
0:00 Carmine (midscreen 1)
5AAA 2C 5B 214A 5A 5B 236A 5B 236A 5BB 6P 2C 236B+C
0:20 Hazama (midscreen 1)
5AA 2BBBB j2BBB 5A j2BBB 5A 214A 5P 2C 214B+C
0:37 Carmine (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 2A 2B 2C jBB jAC 5P 5AAAA
0:49 Hazama (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 236B 5P 5AAA 5BBB 5A jA*5 jA*5 jC
1:00 Carmine (midscreen 3, Low confirm)
2C 2B jBB ~ jAC 2B 5AAA super jump jAA jAA jBB 6P 2C A+D
1:14 Carmine (midscreen 4, crossup confirm)
~ iad jC 5P 5A 5B 214A 5A 5B 236A jAA jAAC
1:25 Carmine (midscreen 5)
2C 5B 214A 5A [5B 236A]*3 5B 236C 6P 2C 236B+C ~ P
1:45 Hazama (midscreen 3, low confirm)
2C 236B+C step 2C 214A 4P 5BBB j2BBB jC
1:58 Hazama (midscreen 4, low/high confirm)
214A/B 4P step 5A 2BB 236C jBBB 5A 2BBBB jC
2:08 Hazama (midscreen 5)
5AA 2BBBB j2BBB 5A j2BBB 5A j2BBB 2B 236C 6P 5B 214B+C ~ P
2:31 Carmine (corner 1, grab into unblockable setup)
Grab 236A jBB~ jAC 2B 5AA 5B 214A 5A~ A+D+4P confirm
2:45 Carmine (corner 2)
5AAA 2C 5B 214A [5A 5B 214A]*3 4P 2C 236B+C
3:01 Carmine (corner 3)
2C 5B 214A 5A [5B 236A]*3 5B 214B+C disrespect 236B+C
*do not teabag in a real match
3:19 Carmine (corner 4, switch)
5AA 2C 5B 214A [5A 5B 214A]*3 6P D 236C 214B+C ~ P
3:39 Hazama (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214B 5AAA 5B 214B 5P 5AAA 2BBBB jC
3:52 Hazama (corner 2)
5AA 2C 214A 4P 214B 5AAA 2C 214B+C
4:05 Hazama (corner 3)
5AA 2C 214A 5P j2BBB 5A j2BBB 5A j2BBB 236B+C 2C 214B+C
4:24 Hazama (corner 4, switch)
2C 236B+C D 5AAA 5BB jAA jAAC 6P D 214B+C
4:41 Hazama (Cross Combo)
5A+P 5A 214B D+P 5P [214B 5P]*3 214B+C ~ P
5:05 Carmine (Cross Combo)

5A 2C 5B 214A 5A [5B 236A]*3 5B 236C 6P D+P 2C 236B+C ~ P

Blake & Naoto Combos

Combo Notations

0:00 Blake (midscreen 1)

5AAAA jB 5B super jump jB j2AA jAAA jB 5B super jump jB jC 5P 214B+C
0:18 Naoto (midscreen 1)
5AAA 5BB 6P 214B 2C 214A 5B 2B jB jBC j236B+C
0:27 Blake (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 5AAA jAA jAAA jB 5BB 214BB 4P 2C 214AA
0:40 Naoto (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 2C 236BA 6P 2C 214A 5A 2B super jump jB j236A
0:51 Blake (midscreen 3, low)
2C 214CA 5AAAAA 5P 5B super jump jBC 236B
1:01 Blake (midscreen 4, high)
jC 236C 5AAA jB 5BB 214BB 4P 2C 236B+C
1:15 Blake (midscreen 5)
5B 2B 236B 5P 5B super jump jB j2AA jAAA jB 5A 214B+C
1:30 Naoto (midscreen 3, low)
2C 236C-A*5-C 5B 2B super jump jB j214A*2 jAA j236A 5P j236B+C
1:42 Naoto (midscreen 4, high)
236BA 6P 2B j214A*3 jAAC j236CA
1:52 Naoto (midscreen 5)
5AA 2C 214A 5A 2B super jump jB jBC j236B+C IK
2:08 Blake (corner 1, grab)
Back Grab 5AAAA j214AC 2B 5B super jump jBC 236B
2:20 Blake (corner 2)
5A 2C 236A 5P 22C 5B super jump jB j2AA jAAA jB 5A A+D~ 2C 214B+C
2:35 Blake (corner 3)
5AAAA jB 5B super jump jB j2AA jAAA jB j214CA 4P 236B+C 2C 214B+C
2:50 Blake (corner 4, switch)
5A 2C 214BA 5P jC D 2B super jump jB (jC j214A)*3 j236B+C IK
3:06 Naoto (corner 1, grab)
Grab 2B (jC j214A)*3 jC j236B+C
3:14 Naoto (corner 2)
5AAA 5BB 236B 4P 214B 5BB 236B+C
3:28 Naoto (corner 3)
5A 2C 214A 5A 2B super jump jB jB (jC j214A)*3 jC j236BA 5P j236B+C
3:41 Naoto (corner 4, switch)
5AAA 5BB 236B+C P 5BB 214BA
3:51 Blake (Cross Combo)
6A+P 2C 214BA D+P 5P 214BA 5P 214BA D 2C 236B+C IK
4:12 Naoto (Cross Combo)
5B+P B 236B D+P B 2C 6P 236B-C 5BB 236B+C P

Es & Labrys Combos

Combo Notations

0:00 Es (midscreen 1)
5AAA 2C 214CC 5P 214B(charge) 5AAA 5BB 214B+C

0:17 Labrys (midscreen 1)
4AAA 236B-B 4AA 5AAAA 5P 214B 2C 236B+C

0:36 Es (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 5AAA 5BB 214B 5P 5AAA 5BB jBC

0:48 Labrys (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 214B 2B jAAC j214B 2A 5AAAA 4P 214B A+D

1:00 Es (midscreen 3, low)
2C 214CC 5P iad jC 5BB 2B super jump jAA jAAB A+D A

1:13 Es (midscreen 4, high)
jB 5P 214B(charge) 5AAA 5BB 236C 236B+C

1:22 Es (midscreen 5)
5BB 2C 214CC 5P 214B(charge) 5AAA 5BB 214B+C P

1:38 Labrys (midscreen 3, low/high mixup)
236B-AorB 5P 214B 5AAA iad jAA 5AAA 214B+C

1:52 Labrys (midscreen 4, high)
214B 5A 2B 5B 236B-B 4AA 5AAAA 5P 214B 2C 236B+C

2:10 Labrys (midscreen 5)
5AAA 2B jAAC j214B 2A 5AAAA 5P 236B-C 2C 236B+C P

2:32 Es (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214CC 5AAA 5BB 2B super jump jAA jAAB A+D A

2:45 Es (corner 2)
2C 236C 5AAA 5BB 214CC 5AAA 5BB 2B jBC

2:56 Es (corner 3)
5BB 214A 5AAA 5B 214B(charge) 5AA 2C 5P 236B+C 2C 214B+C

3:12 Es (corner 4, switch)
5A+P 2C 214B(charge) D 4AA 5BBB super jump jAAB jBBC j214B 5P 214B 2C 236B+C P

3:33 Labrys (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214B 5AAA 2B super jump jBB jBBC j214B

3:44 Labrys (corner 2)
5AAA 2C 214C 5P 5BB 2B super jump jAAC j214B

3:55 Labrys (corner 3)
5AAA 2BB 214B 4AA 5AAAA 5P 214B 2C 236B+C

4:11 Labrys (corner 4, switch)
5A 2C 214C 5P 214B D 5B 214B(charge) 5AAA 5BB 214B+C P

4:26 Es (Cross Combo)
5BB 214A 5AAA 5BB 214CC 5P 214B(charge) D+P 5AAA 5BB 2C 214B+C P

4:47 Labrys (Cross Combo)
5A+P 2C 214C D+P 5P 214B 5P 5AAA 236B+C P

Noel & Izayoi Combos

Combo Notations

*Curly brackets are used to denote Noel’s Chain Revolver

0:00 Noel (midscreen 1)
5AAA 2C 214B(hold) 6P iad jB {2C 5C} 2A 5A 5B {5AAAA} 236B+C

0:19 Izayoi (midscreen 1)
5AAA 5BB 2C 214BB 4P j236B 5AAA 236B+C

0:33 Noel (midscreen 2, grab)
214A 2A 5A 5B {5BB 2C 5C} 2A 5A 5B {5BB} 6P A+D 214B(hold)

0:45 Izayoi (midscreen 2, grab)
Grab 236B 2B 5B jAA jAAC 214A

0:51 Noel (midscreen 3, low)
2C 6P 236C 2B {5B 2C 5C} 2A 5A 5B {5AAAA} 236B+C

1:07 Noel (midscreen 4, high or low)
6A+B {5C or 2C} 5AAA jAA jAACC 4P 2B {5AAAAA}

1:21 Noel (midscreen 5)
Grab j236B+C P 5BB j236B 5AAA 2B 214BB 4P 2C A+D

1:35 Izayoi (Midscreen 3, low)
2C 214BB 4P j236B 5AAA sj jAB jAB jA+D.A

1:48 Izayoi (midscreen 4, high)
jC 2B 5BB 2C 214BC jB jAAC 4P j236B 2C 214B+C

2:04 Izayoi (midscreen 5)
5BB 2C 214BC jB jB 6P A+D.A 5AAA 2B 2C 214B+C P

2:24 Noel (corner 1, grab)
Grab 214B(hold) 4P 5AAA jAA jACC

2:33 Noel (corner 2)
5B {5B 2C 5B 5C 236A} 2A 5A 5B {5AAAA} 6P A+D j236B+C

2:47 Noel (corner 3)
5A 2C 236C 4P 2B {5B 2C 5B 5C 236A} 2A 5A 5B {5AAAA} 236B+C

3:04 Noel (corner 4)
214A+P D j236B 5AAA 2B 2C 214BB 4P 236B D 236B+C P

3:22 Izayoi (corner 1)
Grab 236B 5AAA 2B 5B sj jAB jAB A+D.A

3:33 Izayoi (corner 2)
5AAA 2B 5BB 2C 214AA 5P j236B 5AAA A+D.A

3:40 Izayoi (corner 3)
5BB 2C 6P 236B+C j236B 5AAA 2B 2C 214B+C

4:00 Izayoi (corner 4)
5B+P 5B 214BB D 5AAA sj jAA jAACC 4P 236C D 2C 214B+C P

4:20 Noel (Cross Combo)
6B+P {5C} 214C D+P 4P 4B {5AAA[6P]A} D 2C 214B+C P

4:42 Izayoi (Cross Combo)
5B+P 5B 214BB D+P [5P 214BB]*2 5P 2C 214B+C P


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