Havian is bad at SAO Lost Song

When it comes to how to play properly and game strategies, don’t listen to him.

Sword Art Online_ Lost Song_20160719051524.jpg

Havian is NOT a trustworthy source for info on How To Be Good At Lost Song.

I’m sure you all know who Havian is. YouTuber, streamer, let’s play-er, information having guy etc.

I didn’t want to write this article because of many reasons like Name Dropping and it can be misconstrued and stuff and stuff.

So you need to read very carefully and listen to what I’m saying.

I don’t like Havian. But I don’t hate him at all. I’m impartial to him.

I seriously respect what he is doing for these anime games and I think he should keep doing what he is doing.

Seriously. He plays the JP versions and gives you guys critical insight to what might come in the English version.

That being said, it doesn’t mean he is ‘good’ at the games he plays. Honestly, I don’t know about other games since I have only seen his Lost Song videos. But let me be clear:


Let me be even more clear.

All of the information he has posted about the game is accurate and credible. Things like ‘Where weapon drops are found’ and ‘How to get this character’ are all right and good. By all means, learn from that.

But I would advise you not to listen to any opinion he has about anything tactical or strategical related. In other words. Don’t listen to anything about the use of skills or how to kill bosses and stuff like that.

But when something is said like “Dimensional Abyss is the most OP skill in the game.”


Is it good at crowd control? Hmm I guess so? Zangetsu is faster and way better at crowd control.

Is it strong? Haha. No. It will never be as strong as a VI Sword Skill due to things like Elemental Resistances on monsters and stuff.

Is it worthwhile? Maybe. But its better to work it into a ‘set of tools’, instead of focusing on it alone.

Then what are the strongest Skills in the game?


Don’t use magic on Lost Song.  It resists all magic. Rather build a strong character with powerful physical skills.

Well. What made me write this post was how I see people doing downright dumb shit and think its cool because Havian did it in a video. Like Using Dimensional Abyss to kill a few Chorus’ from the shoulder of Lost Song’s wing. Without killing the actual Wing Crystals, mind you.

If you’ve ever done that, please stop playing Lost Song and stop thinking you’re good at  the game.

Its beyond stupid and wastes everyone’s time.

Since an article like this needs some kind of backing to be credible or else its not worth paying attention to, right?

So I’ll answer that customary “Who the hell are you, and what makes you think you’re so good at Lost Song?” question

Hmm. Honestly, I don’t like talking about myself, and I loathe bragging. But if I must tell you…

I am BK_Brent. I have played SAO Lost Song since it’s English release date. Almost everyday. Almost all day. If I had to calculate it, I must have played at least 1000 hours and killed at least 5000 Lost Songs. I MAXED every single character in the game. When I say ‘maxed’, I don’t mean I just have every character at Lv1000. I mean I have every single Weapon Proficiency in the game at 1000. I’m a crazy gamer who played Lost Song to pieces. Then I played the Pieces to pieces.

Even me, who has played this game so much, won’t say I know everything about it. I know quite a lot. But not every single thing.

But I do know what is most efficient and what is worthwhile. I also know when someone is doing something stupid that shouldn’t be done. Like equipping all Level 3 Magic instead of music buffs on Seven.

Well. That’s all I have to say.

You can take this article however you want, but I think I speak on behalf of all the ‘top’ players when I say that you shouldn’t listen to Havian when it comes to How To Be Good At Lost Song.


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